Molding Marzipan

Molding Marzipan
  1. Store-bought Marzipan
Forming Marzipan with Springerle Molds
  1. Roll out marzipan 6-8mm thick using dough guides. Dust the springerle mold and the marzipan surface lightly with powdered sugar and press the mold evenly into the marzipan. Remove the mold and cut out the image with a cookie cutter or with a knife. Allow the molded marzipan to air dry at room temperature for two days.The almond flavor deepens as the marzipan dries.
  2. Variation: Knead 1/4 teaspoon orange oil to 4 ounces marzipan for a refreshing flavor combination. This is great for disguising the nutty flavor for non-marzipan lovers. The consistency stays the same and molding is just as easy. (Avoid using a liqueur: the flavor is less concentrated and the alcohol makes the marzipan too soft to mold.)
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