Easter Rabbit Pudding Cupcakes

It’s officially Spring and we are ready for greener grass, blooming flowers, and all things warm and sunny. That’s exactly the feeling you’ll get with these Easter Rabbit Pudding Cupcakes. These cupcakes are adorned with sweet blades of icing grass and crunchy candy flowers.  They are then topped with an adorable fondant rabbit made from a small rabbit springerle cookie mold. The best part about these cupcakes? You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make an impressive Easter dessert. By using all store-bought items, these cupcakes are super easy and super quick to make. 

We purchased all of our supplies right at our local Walmart store. We added vanilla instant pudding right in with our cake mix to make it super moist. Just follow the directions on the back of the box to make the cake, but add your dry pudding mix in before mixing. It’s that simple. You can experiment with different flavor combinations, we just recommend that you stay with similar colors when pairing pudding and cake mixes.  

Store-bought fondant is extremely convenient when you are pressed for time. Just open the box, roll it out, and make your impression using your springerle cookie mold. We used our Small Rabbit springerle cookie mold and cut it out with our matching custom cutter. These little rabbits are the perfect size to top our Easter cupcakes with.

Next, we used our green food coloring and added it to our store-bought icing to make a nice shade of green for our “grass”. We filled a pastry bag with our icing and used a Wilton Multi-opening tip #233 to pipe it onto the top of our cupcake. Touch the tip to the cupcake and as you squeeze the bag, slowly lift away to make your “grass” grow. This will help to give a more realistic look and to help keep all of the “grass blades” separate and distinct from one another.  

After the icing grass is complete, simply top with your fondant springerle rabbits and candy flowers. Your spring meadow is now complete! Enjoy!


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